Running… amiright!?

I just ran down the street alone, and naturally, that shouldn’t have been an issue. However the amount of cat calls, cars slowing down and rude men yelling comments out the window was astounding. To add to that I forgot a drink bottle and my phone was on 10% at the BEGINNING of the run & you bet your ass it died about 5 minutes in.

I’m not really that big on being healthy. I mean, if someone was to put a giant plate of fried chicken and a triple layer chocolate mousse in front of me the chances of me eating it would be 99.9999%, however some days I feel gross. Anyone else get that way? Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself and thought “Jesus, I am disgusting”? Ever sworn to never eat fatty food again, only to break that oath 5 minutes later due to feeling bad about yourself so you stress eat to make yourself feel better but that only leads to more self hate because you’re a pig but you can’t stop eating and it’s just this constant spiral of eating and crying, eating and crying? Anyone else? Just me? Cool cool cool cool.

Anywho, I recently started getting a lil’ chubby- according to me- and so I have made an effort to try to be healthier. I say ‘according to me’ because my boyfriend says I am the most beautiful person he has ever seen, god bless his heart. He looks at me and smiles like he’s just been given a million dollars. But you know how it goes, you see some stunning women in a magazine with a 20 pack of rock solid abs and toned thighs, and you look down at yourself and are mortified by the flab you see.

Moral of the story, running… amiright?! It isn’t fun, it’s repetitive, and I only feel as though I need to do it to be deemed ‘attractive’ by the wider population. This world is bullshit and unfair and I am sad that it’s like this. But that’s a story for another time.


One thought on “Running… amiright!?

  1. Fashion magazines exist to make us feel inadequate and make us buy things. I saw Crazy Rich Asians, and I marveled at how insecure even the most thin, beautiful people are. Seriously? We are all being conned. We are just fine the way we are. Not to say I disagree with running. I used to run and I loved the high I’d get if I ran more than a mile. And I was happy being fit. But it wasn’t about being fashion mag skinny. It was about being fit and being able to outrun someone if I needed to. Wish I was still that fit…


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