Boys can go f*** themselves

Have you ever been in a relationship that you KNEW was too good to be true?

Every week there was a new date idea. He planned a cute fishing trip or a day to the markets because he knew you loved patting the baby animals. He paid for your movie, and always ordered a large because he knew that when you said ‘I’m not hungry’ it really meant ‘I won’t be hungry until I see your food.’

Two years ago I started dating one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We used to always go to movies, go out to dinner, spend our free time together… and then life happened. Granted, every time we DID go out it was because I had planned it and spent days worrying over which place would be the most perfect one. I remember always coming home from work and stopping by his house because I had missed his smile during the day. I remember looking for activities like archery and go-karting because I knew he loved to do them and because I wanted to surprise him and make him happy. To this day, I still do this. I try and go above and beyond because honestly, I would bend over backwards for this man.

But you know what the funny thing is? He doesn’t do the same.

I have never understood why males think so utterly opposite to women. It’s amazing to me that we are polar opposites, but we were literally created to join and reproduce. WHY???????

Anyone ever been in a relationship with their toddler? Obviously not literally, but HE ACTS LIKE SUCH A LITTLE BABY IT’S BASICALLY THE SAME THING. Let me list a few of the phrases I say on a daily basis: Please clean your room it’s fucking disgusting, can you please wash your sheets it’s been like 4 months, would you mind washing your hair it’s oily and smells gross?????????, put the rubbish in the bin not on the floor, can you use deoderant you STANKY. IT’S NOT HARD BOYS, HYGIENE IS ATTRACTIVE TO US!

Anyway to the main part of my post ——-

How do you leave, when the only thing your heart wants to do is stay?

I know I should leave, we argue over little things all the time. We’ve started arguing a lot before bed, to which he says he’s going to bed without helping resolve it which pisses me off more.  He likes motorbikes, but it’s gotten to a point where he spends more time messaging his mechanic mates than talking to me and he’s always on his phone looking at bikes for sale. It scares the living hell out of me to leave, because of how much  history we have, but I know that I need to go.

So basically boys, kindly go fuck yourself.



Today I cut my fringe.

I woke up this morning, and I was alright… for a bit. But then I watched a romance on Netflix and I cried at how happy the made up characters looked. I cried because they seemed so adorably in love and that made me upset.

My boyfriend called me this morning and talked to me about pointless shit as he drove to university. That made me cry because he seems so set on his future and so certain of what he wants to do with his life and yet I am still as stuck and confused as ever.

I called in to work sick this morning (bear in mind I only had a 3 hour shift) and my bitch of a manager said the most sarcastic ‘awesome’ I have ever heard in my life. I, again, cried at this as it made me think of how much I had disappointed her.

Honestly I could go on and on about how over the past week I haven’t been myself. I have snapped at the smallest of things and I have cried at the drop of a hat.

Ever felt stuck? I think I have reached that point in my life where I am so stuck and there seems to be no way out of it. I don’t know what I want to do in the future, I don’t know if I want kids and frankly the idea of pushing that out of me is absolutely mortifying, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to save enough to buy a house and it’s starting to become overwhelming, I have even started to question my love for my boyfriend. It’s like I’m not entirely sure of what love is; I’ve never felt it towards myself so what’s to say I am capable of such a serious emotion?

Today I cut my fringe.

Do I know how to cut hair? Hell no. Did I absolutely butcher it and make it look terrible? Hell yes. But you know what? I felt damn good about it.

You see, I have spent so long looking after other people, listening to them, helping them and offering advice that somewhere along the way I forgot about myself. I turned to food and while I’m not morbidly obese I am not happy with myself. I rarely do anything to make myself happy.

But today I cut my fringe. As I was cutting away the silky smooth locks I felt as if a weight was lifting from me. Momentarily I had forgotten about my life. I know it seems stupid and to 90% of you I suppose you won’t understand, but honestly, it felt good to take some time for myself.


The moral of this story is to put. yourself. first. Honestly I am messed up, but taking a small part out of my day just to treat myself made me forget about all the shitty stuff for a while. It’s easy to forget about you and spiral into a pit of sadness and depression and often you find yourself blaming you for something that’s essentially not even your fault. So to anyone who’s reading this, cut your fringe ❤



Running… amiright!?

I just ran down the street alone, and naturally, that shouldn’t have been an issue. However the amount of cat calls, cars slowing down and rude men yelling comments out the window was astounding. To add to that I forgot a drink bottle and my phone was on 10% at the BEGINNING of the run & you bet your ass it died about 5 minutes in.

I’m not really that big on being healthy. I mean, if someone was to put a giant plate of fried chicken and a triple layer chocolate mousse in front of me the chances of me eating it would be 99.9999%, however some days I feel gross. Anyone else get that way? Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself and thought “Jesus, I am disgusting”? Ever sworn to never eat fatty food again, only to break that oath 5 minutes later due to feeling bad about yourself so you stress eat to make yourself feel better but that only leads to more self hate because you’re a pig but you can’t stop eating and it’s just this constant spiral of eating and crying, eating and crying? Anyone else? Just me? Cool cool cool cool.

Anywho, I recently started getting a lil’ chubby- according to me- and so I have made an effort to try to be healthier. I say ‘according to me’ because my boyfriend says I am the most beautiful person he has ever seen, god bless his heart. He looks at me and smiles like he’s just been given a million dollars. But you know how it goes, you see some stunning women in a magazine with a 20 pack of rock solid abs and toned thighs, and you look down at yourself and are mortified by the flab you see.

Moral of the story, running… amiright?! It isn’t fun, it’s repetitive, and I only feel as though I need to do it to be deemed ‘attractive’ by the wider population. This world is bullshit and unfair and I am sad that it’s like this. But that’s a story for another time.


Work is a pain in my behind.

Work. We all do it. The sad thing is that we literally only work in our lives. Does anyone else notice that? We emerge from the womb, go to school, graduate, go to another school, graduate, go to another school, graduate. THEN, we go to work until we are so old and fragile we are limited to laying in bed and eating slop. Why is it that we are so focused on money in this world? When did money become more important than our own health and our own family? Think about it. Have you ever missed a family gathering because you were working that day? Or have you ever missed a significant event in somebody’s life because you had already said yes to your boss that morning? I know I have.

Anyway, why work is absolutely shit. I work at a supermarket, it’s suuuper busy and I am constantly surrounded by drama. Why is it that there is so much drama at a job that nobody enjoys doing? How hard is it to be nice to each of your colleagues and bond over your mutual hatred of the company? Anyway, for the point of this story I will use code names so I don’t get in trouble.

-We have Dan; overly flamboyant, loud, happy and sassy. Everyone knows a Dan.
-Next up we have Lisa; snobby, stuck up, thinks she’s the manager of the store, constantly talks to me like I’m a child.
-We have Kay; teacher’s pet, sucks up to the managers so she gets promoted, thinks she can control me, basically does everyone else’s jobs so she gets recognised for her hard work.
Lesly; the nicest person I have ever met, the only person at that shit-hole who I’ve ever seen actually working.
Sharon; lovely lady, but is a vegan and very, very weird.

Here’s how a normal day works. I get to work, I go to my locker and prepare my water bottle (it’s my only source of joy at work) and then I have to go out and actually act like I’m having a great time and serve rude customers. MEANWHILE, Dan is over here talking smack about Kay, even though to her face he loves her, Kay is arguing with Lesly because she thinks she should be in control (despite Lesly’s 10 year advantage), Lisa is siding with Kay because they have a weird bond, I’m here like “can everyone get along I hate my job and I’m going to quit if you don’t shut up”, Dan comes over and starts talking shit about Lesly to me, I start nodding and laughing because I want this conversation to end and to top it all off Sharon is behind me telling me about how eating meat is bad and says weird shit that makes no sense.

Moral of the story is work is an absolute pain in my behind.





An Introduction…


Hey guys,

The name is Wedge, Grace Wedge. I’m 18 and I live in Brisbane (Australia). Basically I started this as a way to pass the time, share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who wants to read and also hear some of your stories.

A bit about me: I work at a supermarket which I absolutely HATE, my boyfriend pisses me off something shocking, I chew my nails down so far they bleed, and I still listen to Umbrella by Rihanna. So just your average 18 year old… right? RIGHT??

If you choose to sit and read my content you can expect to cry, laugh, question everything you stand for and just have a great time.

I look forward to it.