Work is a pain in my behind.

Work. We all do it. The sad thing is that we literally only work in our lives. Does anyone else notice that? We emerge from the womb, go to school, graduate, go to another school, graduate, go to another school, graduate. THEN, we go to work until we are so old and fragile we are limited to laying in bed and eating slop. Why is it that we are so focused on money in this world? When did money become more important than our own health and our own family? Think about it. Have you ever missed a family gathering because you were working that day? Or have you ever missed a significant event in somebody’s life because you had already said yes to your boss that morning? I know I have.

Anyway, why work is absolutely shit. I work at a supermarket, it’s suuuper busy and I am constantly surrounded by drama. Why is it that there is so much drama at a job that nobody enjoys doing? How hard is it to be nice to each of your colleagues and bond over your mutual hatred of the company? Anyway, for the point of this story I will use code names so I don’t get in trouble.

-We have Dan; overly flamboyant, loud, happy and sassy. Everyone knows a Dan.
-Next up we have Lisa; snobby, stuck up, thinks she’s the manager of the store, constantly talks to me like I’m a child.
-We have Kay; teacher’s pet, sucks up to the managers so she gets promoted, thinks she can control me, basically does everyone else’s jobs so she gets recognised for her hard work.
Lesly; the nicest person I have ever met, the only person at that shit-hole who I’ve ever seen actually working.
Sharon; lovely lady, but is a vegan and very, very weird.

Here’s how a normal day works. I get to work, I go to my locker and prepare my water bottle (it’s my only source of joy at work) and then I have to go out and actually act like I’m having a great time and serve rude customers. MEANWHILE, Dan is over here talking smack about Kay, even though to her face he loves her, Kay is arguing with Lesly because she thinks she should be in control (despite Lesly’s 10 year advantage), Lisa is siding with Kay because they have a weird bond, I’m here like “can everyone get along I hate my job and I’m going to quit if you don’t shut up”, Dan comes over and starts talking shit about Lesly to me, I start nodding and laughing because I want this conversation to end and to top it all off Sharon is behind me telling me about how eating meat is bad and says weird shit that makes no sense.

Moral of the story is work is an absolute pain in my behind.